Well here goes nothing….Welcome to Sweet Petite!!

Hi and welcome!

this is the very first post of the sweet petite blog!

I’m Michelle from Gateshead, UK and I’m DESPERATE to start my own cake business!!!
I got into cake decorating while researching for my wedding (trying to do everything on the cheap!) and I’ve been hooked on all things sweet ever since!!

I work full time at a local hospital and I’m looking at reducing my hours to get this thing off the ground, well it’s either this or having babies, and I really don’t have the patience for that! haha!

Sweet Petite will mainly be selling cupcakes and iced biscuits and this blog will be my journal for starting out and once I’m up and running it will continue with my customer orders and also some (hopefully!) inspiring designs for you to try yourself….just because 🙂


p.s. I am new to blogging, (you might be able to tell!) please bear with me 🙂


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