Anyone for Tennis?: Wimbledon Biscuits!!

Wimbledon fortnight is here! Yay!!

So it’s that time of year again ,when us English folk wonder two things. How much is rain going to affect play and is this year going to be THE year?……

Β …..are we finally going to get a British winner?! If you’re reading this from outside the UK, you’ll probably not understand, but its been 77 years since we last had a British (male) winner. 77 YEARS people! We’re pretty desperate to see a Brit win!! Andy Murray got soooo close last year! Will he do it this time?

I’m really looking forward to it but I must confess. I only love Wimbledon. It’s the only time of year I watch tennis. And I only watch the men’s tennis (I hate the grunting and the screaming from the women!) and I only tend to enjoy the second week when it gets exciting. I’m very particular aren’t I?

So I don’t enjoy all tennis, but I do enjoy all tennis biscuits!! (tenuous link I know!)

I was really pleased with the way these turned out!! I couldn’t resist the ‘new balls please’ one. I aways have a snigger to myself when I here this! How childish??!

For the logos I used my kopykake projector! I bought my projector back in February but I’ve been having printer problems so I haven’t really been able to get any pictures in it to project!!! But now I’m sorted I’m going to be using it more and more!!!

For the Tennis Balls, I did half of them fuzzy and half of them smooth. I’m definitely going through a sanding sugar phase so I’m trying it on everything!!! Although I like the texture of the fuzzy ones I don’t like how the lines stick out on them!

And it just wouldn’t be Wimbledon without strawberries and cream!

For these, I thought I’d be really clever here and take a leaf out of all the great cookie-teers (that’s a word!) and try making a strawberry without a cutter. And this is what I came up with:

  1. Cut out a heart shape
  2. Flip over the cutter above the space it leaves
  3. Which will give you a diamond shape piece
  4. Add this to the top of the heart and squidge the bottom so it’s not too pointy
  5. Bake! (Then I found a similar strawberry tutorial by Callye (Sugarbelle), this must have been my inspiration somewhere in the back of my mind!!)

Once they’re cool, fill with red icing, while it’s still wet add some little yellow lines. When that is dry add some leaves with a leaf nozzle and stiff green icing. And there you have it! Add in a couple of racquets and a court and you’re set!! (see what I did there?!!)

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