Inspired: Shabby Chic Union Jack Biscuits

Well it’s over six months since we all made New Year’s resolutions. How are you getting on with yours? Yeah same as me! My Danish hasn’t really improved, although I have now watched every episode of Borgen which has to count, right? As for the knitting, well……it hasn’t really made it out of the bag since January but I have been reading a lot of crafting blogs and thinking about starting to  knit, which has to count, right?! Well they both count in my eyes! Especially when these crafting blogs give you loads of inspiration for biscuits! Result!

I normally get my inspiration from TV (you may have noticed!) and from all the a-mazing cookie and cake blogs I follow, not to mention the odd greetings cards and gift bag. However, since my knitting-block kicked in and the hours spent reading Very Berry Handmade, Knit Me A Cake and Bugs & Fishes among many others I have a million and one ideas in my head!!

And the first is shabby chic! I’ve always been a fan of this look, and it’s just everywhere in the UK in the summer!

So this is my version:

The beauty of this is you can use any colours you like! And here’s how I did it:

1. Mark the sections with a food safe pen (if your green runs out half way through, use a red one!) It doesn’t have to be perfect:

 2. Fill in section by section, the first one I did was the blue with wet-on-wet white dots:

3. Pink cross:

4. While still wet (be quick!) using Sugarbelle’s technique, add some flowers in a slightly darker shade and add the pink lines in between the blue sections:

5. WAIT! I cannot stress this enough! Wait for the above to dry completely (12 hours +) and then add the white. Otherwise you could end up with bleeding colours into the white. It’s not exactly smooth and my white icing could’ve been a little thinner but its the ‘quilty’ fabric look I was going for here…honest! 😉

So where do you get your crafty inspiration from? Not just sweet treats, do you make cards, draw, knit? Let me know below, especially if you knit! I need help!!!!

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Anyone for Tennis?: Wimbledon Biscuits!!

Wimbledon fortnight is here! Yay!!

So it’s that time of year again ,when us English folk wonder two things. How much is rain going to affect play and is this year going to be THE year?……

 …..are we finally going to get a British winner?! If you’re reading this from outside the UK, you’ll probably not understand, but its been 77 years since we last had a British (male) winner. 77 YEARS people! We’re pretty desperate to see a Brit win!! Andy Murray got soooo close last year! Will he do it this time?

I’m really looking forward to it but I must confess. I only love Wimbledon. It’s the only time of year I watch tennis. And I only watch the men’s tennis (I hate the grunting and the screaming from the women!) and I only tend to enjoy the second week when it gets exciting. I’m very particular aren’t I?

So I don’t enjoy all tennis, but I do enjoy all tennis biscuits!! (tenuous link I know!)

I was really pleased with the way these turned out!! I couldn’t resist the ‘new balls please’ one. I aways have a snigger to myself when I here this! How childish??!

For the logos I used my kopykake projector! I bought my projector back in February but I’ve been having printer problems so I haven’t really been able to get any pictures in it to project!!! But now I’m sorted I’m going to be using it more and more!!!

For the Tennis Balls, I did half of them fuzzy and half of them smooth. I’m definitely going through a sanding sugar phase so I’m trying it on everything!!! Although I like the texture of the fuzzy ones I don’t like how the lines stick out on them!

And it just wouldn’t be Wimbledon without strawberries and cream!

For these, I thought I’d be really clever here and take a leaf out of all the great cookie-teers (that’s a word!) and try making a strawberry without a cutter. And this is what I came up with:

  1. Cut out a heart shape
  2. Flip over the cutter above the space it leaves
  3. Which will give you a diamond shape piece
  4. Add this to the top of the heart and squidge the bottom so it’s not too pointy
  5. Bake! (Then I found a similar strawberry tutorial by Callye (Sugarbelle), this must have been my inspiration somewhere in the back of my mind!!)

Once they’re cool, fill with red icing, while it’s still wet add some little yellow lines. When that is dry add some leaves with a leaf nozzle and stiff green icing. And there you have it! Add in a couple of racquets and a court and you’re set!! (see what I did there?!!)

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Cool Britannia: Trooping the Colour!

Hello! Its been a while hasn’t it? I do apologise, I’ve been trying to get things sorted with the business for the last few weeks. I’ve been doing the boring stuff like tax etc, and trying to figure out Google Adsense, but also the cool stuff like trying to improve my photos, work on some new designs and open my Etsy shop!! Well, I managed everything but figuring out Google Adsense, my god how complicated is that?!

Anyway, enough of all that! How cool would it be to have two birthdays?!! Yes I know! Very cool! Presents without actually being another year older!! Brilliant!! And not to mention two birthday cakes! Tremendous!!

OK well, sorry, but it only happens if you’re the Queen, but hey, its nice to dream 🙂

Today down in London they are ‘Trooping the Colour’ to mark the Queen’s official birthday. In case you didn’t know her real birthday is in April but the weather is always sometimes bad in the UK in April so we have a summer celebration instead.

And I thought I’d make some biscuits to celebrate too!!

Trooping the Colour is a big pomp and ceremony military tattoo which starts with a procession of the Queen and the Household Cavalry down The Mall from Buckingham Palace and it culminates with one of the foot guard regiments trooping their colour (basically flying their flag) for the Queen. Once the ceremony is over the Queen travels back to Buckingham Palace where she joins the rest of the Royal family on the balcony for a flypast from the Air Force.

To be honest I’ve been itching to try some British soldiers, and I’m so chuffed I did! I think these are my favourite of all the biscuits I’ve ever done!!

I broke the close up version soldier down into steps to show you how I did them but the full length little guy was done the same way. Except he has legs and arms!

You will need:

  • Square biscuits
  • Food marker (I used two, you could get away with one)
  • Flesh coloured icing
  • Red icing
  • Black icing
  • Black sanding sugar
  • Light brown icing
  • Gold lustre dust
  • Alcohol (I used vodka)

(Yes, I do think there should be a step between 4 & 5 and I honestly thought I’d taken that photo but obviously not!!)

  1. I outlined the soldier’s hat and coat with a food marker and used a scribe to mark the face. I learnt a lesson here, I won’t be doing that again, there are way too many crumbs to deal with!!
  2. I flooded the face with a flesh coloured icing
  3. Flooded the coat with red icing
  4. When both of these were dry to the touch, I flooded the hat with black icing and immediately added black sanding sugar to give the hat a little definition.
  5. Added black detail to the shoulders. Once these were dry I added light brown details and then used the gold lustre dust and alcohol to paint them gold using sugarbelle’s tutorial. (The crowns were decorated this same way)

    For the flypast biscuits I thought I’d be really clever (after the success of the black sanding sugar for the bear skins) and I thought I’d do the three different colours of smoke with sanding sugar. Unfortunately, there was waaaay too much jumbling of those little beads and I was picking them off for ages!! Another lesson learnt!!! (I may have just been impatient and not waiting until each colour was dry though!!)

    And doesn’t everything just look better with a Union Jack or 6?

    Although I had a few problems I loved making these! I’m feeling very patriotic today 😉

    Happy Birthday your Majesty!!

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