Calling all Back to the Future fans and Bakers!!

Marty McFly day is fast approaching (21st October 2015) and I think the occasion deserves to be marked with, well obviously, sweet goodies! Continue reading


Geeky Love Cupcake Toppers

OK I have to admit it. I’m a massive geek and always have been! I know all the words to the Back to the Future trilogy, Silence of the Lambs, and Con Air (don’t judge me!), when I was younger I had posters of Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart and Benton Fraser on my wall when everyone else was into Take That and NKOTB, and attending a Comic Con is most definitely on my bucket list! To name a few things!

So maybe because of this nerdiness me and Valentine’s day have never really been friends. As I mentioned this time last time year it’s not my favourite holiday. Teenage girls with glasses, braces and a love of WWF wrestling and cannibalistic serial killers, tend not to get overrun with cards, sigh! But hey, now I’m in my thirties (32 today!) and happily married, I’m so proud to be a geek!!! (And the fact that I have straight teeth!)

So, I decided to make something nerdy for valentine’s to celebrate!!! Heavily influenced by the fact I’ve just finished watching Breaking Bad too: Chemical Element Cupcakes!!

Aw how cute, nothing says I Love You like:


Make these yourself for the geek in your life and make their day!!

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Happy St George’s Day!

Happy St George’s day to all my fellow Englishmen (and women)!!!

In honour of the day I made, what else? St George Cross flags and Red Rose biscuits and cupcakes. Very patriotic!

…and I’m not really enjoying one of these cupcakes as I type with a nice cup of coffee, honestly I’m not! Cupcakes and coffee!! not very English I know, but I hate tea!! Ssshhh no one tell the Queen, I’ll end up in the Tower!! 😉